Sasha Mc Innis

As a trusted real estate advisor to my clients, I understand that selling or buying property is complex and deeply personal. There are also a lot of financial and personal issues. This perspective on the process and the responsibility I feel towards my clients push me to be a true expert in the field. I understand the market, the players and all the variables involved in a real estate transaction. I want to make sure you feel supported and have a trusted advisor by your side.

As a seller, you want to market your home effectively (and beautifully), and obtain the highest possible price and the most favorable terms of sale. As a buyer, you want a patient, yet assertive partner to help you buy the home that's right for you at the best possible price. In other words, you want to make sure you're not leaving money on the table. This is where I come in to partner with you as a consultant, negotiator and project manager.

I work hard to stay ahead of the curve, combining luxury service with innovation and technology. My recipe, and the reason for my clients' 5-star reviews, is candor, transparency, compelling marketing, expert negotiations, and the ability to keep people and transactions on track – calmly and professionally. This ability is partly due to natural instinct and partly to my commitment to advanced continuing education. A lot of what brokers do appears to be similar on paper. What varies (significantly) is how they do it and the resulting results for their clients.